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Krikko The Artist


Krikko has applied his many talents to joyful ends. Not only is this practicing architect an avid saxophonist, he has also taken the art of drawing to monumental proportions.

His pencil drawing of Manhattan, New York is like no other conceived. With the original measuring 20 feet in height by 15 feet wide (6x5 meters), it astounds all who see it. The details possible in a work this size seems to afford the inclusion of every street and landmark. Indeed, when standing before the huge rendering to ponder its minute elements one is tempted to look for themselves walking down Broadway.

The work took Obbott four years of intensive toil to complete and expended 2,496 lead pencils in the process. Crawling over his work, Krikko has labored to include every element recognizable to those familiar with this most popular skyline in the world.

His perspective drawing and pencil technique is unprecedented and his works are found in galleries and homes all over the world. With over 70 locations in New York City alone, his Super Big Apple drawing has become the fastest selling poster in New York. With such locations as the Statue of Liberty, the lobby of the Empire State Building, and the Untied Nations, the millions of tourists from all over the world are “just picking then up, picking them up,’ as remarked by the manager of the South Street Seaport Museum Gift Shop, another of his many upscale locations. His drawing of New York is quoted by the New York Times as “more than a map,” and the Hartford Courant as “where architecture intersects with fine art.” Staedtler Mars, the giant in pencil and mechanical instrument manufacturing uses his drawings for advertising in magazines such as Drawing Highlights and the American Artists. His New York drawing is so popular that it is found in Tokyo, Japan, in bullet trains, bookstores, libraries, and supermarkets, and on the front page of the prestigious Japanese magazine—Brutus.

Krikko also had had numerous product endorsements including Staedtler Mars Pencil Co., Germany, USA; Brutus Magazine of Tokyo Japan (cover page 2000), Rose Film Corporation, motion picture “Fighting.”

In related works, Krikko has thus far completed large drawings of Boston, MassachusettsNew Haven, ConnecticutChicago, Illinois, Lagos Nigeria, American Cities, Sydney, Paris, London, Tokyo, Toronto, and more. With only one product in 1997, Krikko’s line of products has grown to over 20 and is still growing. With the enormous possibilities and adaptations from these drawings the future looks very bright. Like the concept of the drawing, another bright idea that is going to include (and grow with technology), is animation.

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